I am More Than “Mom Enough” Today and Everyday

I am More Than “Mom Enough” Today and Everyday

The newest TIME magazine cover frustrates me.  It was so distastefully done.  That is not how a mother would hold a breastfeeding child, whether he was a baby or a toddler.  And the words “Are You Mom Enough?” are so far beyond uncalled for it’s rediculous.  It by no means supported breastfeeding, bottle feeding, attachment parenting, or any other parenting style.  In my opinion it created a more negative outlook on extended breastfeeding.  This cover was created for one specific reason: to create controversy, in turn increases revenue.  Shame on them.  This is exactly why I have a love hate relationship with the media.  The media can create so much good but in the end many times it exploits people and creates more controversy than is needed.  As if our society needs more.  It’s disheartening and really needs to change.

Once again someone, possibly not even a parent themselves, is creating controversy between mothers.  It’s very unfortunate, really.  I thought our society was changing.  I have talked about this issue so many times, hoping one day we could actually unite instead of forming judgments against each other.  This is just fueling the fire. There is no wrong or right parenting style, as long as a child is safe & thriving.  No one should or really can for that matter, compare their lifestyle to another person’s.  Every mother is different, every child is different.  Every family has different beliefs and circumstances.
I didn’t breastfeed my first two children.  To be completely honest, it didn’t interest me and I was uncomfortable with it.  I did breastfeed my last two children with every ounce of my being.  I tried every tip and trick from breastfeeding gurus.  Due to medical issues and waiting to long to start with my third and prematurity with my fourth, I was only able to breastfeed/pump for 8 weeks.  I know it was the best decision for me and my babies to stop.  But in the moment I didn’t feel that way.  I felt defeated, incompetent, and emotionally/physically drained.  All partially due to the pressures that “breastfeeding is best.”

I have used baby carriers for outings and when needed for the best interest of my child and my sanity.  I actually held my fourth child as he slept for 6 months due to medical issues and my own fears.  I choose to NOT have my children in bed with me unless they are sick and I have also let all of my children “cry it out” at some point between the age of 6 months to a year. Am I better or worse than a mother who wholeheartedly chose attachment parenting…absolutely NOT.  I support every mothers decision to do what is best for her child and family, as long as their child/children are safe and thriving.  I pose no judgments, whether it is something I choose to do or not. Attachment parenting is not for me but I support every mother who it’s working for.
I have been torn apart for my parenting decision to let my children “cry it out”. I have been told I am a terrible mother and my children should be taken from me. My children are happy, healthy, thriving, smart little individuals, who are very much loved. My children are just as smart & healthy (mentally & physically) as those I know who have breastfeed for one plus years. I do believe that attachment parenting should be recognized as a parenting choice and it should not be harshly criticized either.We need to support each other. Instead many mothers are divided because women take their choices to the extreme and believe their way has to be the best way. We should be celebrating all we have accomplished.  Not tearing each other apart. Not making each other question if we are doing it right simply because someone is doing it differently. What is anyone learning? What is the positive anyone gaining in that?

We all have so many things in common.  At the end of the day we all have the same overall goal in mind.   We want to make the best choices we can for our family at any given time.  Putting forth every ounce of our being to give our children everything they need to thrive.  Every mother in this world who does just that, regardless of there choice in parenting, is more that “Mom Enough!”

We need to Unite, fight back, and say

We all are More Than “Mom Enough,” Today and Everyday!

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  1. DRIA Cover says:

    We couldn’t agree more! We felt this article, and especially cover picture, was poorly executed and as you mentioned, detrimental to motherly solidarity. Great to hear mothers are speaking out against this.

    • Thank you! I feel it is important to speak out. If I make one mother feel better I have done something good!


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